lather up

There's always a part of a house that will be a favorite space, the bedroom or bathroom, even a study room, to relax and call a sanctuary. Mine, unexpectedly and oddly enough is a laundry room. yes, you've read right haha! I don't know why, but it gives me a feeling of comfort and certain peace when I hear the sound of the machine tumbling and frothing bubbles. 

It started two years ago, when I was living in New York and the thought of doing laundry and cooking meals stresses me out. I still can't prepare an edible meal, except that time when I made sandwiches from BJ's ref which consists of ham, bolognese, cheese, and whatever I find that can be eaten which pretty much satisfied our appetite for 3 days straight ^^. Laundry on the other hand, I find exciting, the thought of smelling detergents brings smile to my face already. I learned how to operate the machines rather quickly and next thing I knew I'm looking forward to doing laundry on weekends ☀

I want to have my own space (read: condo) just so I can have a quaint laundry room. Crazy, I know. ❤

color goes a long way
cr: Elle Decor
very stepford wives club. the cute tin tubs & detergent jars are hard to resist though
clean & fresh (I don't think I can keep it that way for long though)
I already have a design in mind though, maybe I'll render if I have free time and share it here. Until then ❤

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