Traipsing Taipei

Taipei is a small city filled with genuinely kind people. It's been over a year since I last visited the city and this time around I got to explore it more from underground malls to shrimp fishing (yes, it does sound boring but for us it was the highlight of our trip). Endless bubble tea shops and street food stalls never get our stomachs empty.  If only the shops sells spring/summer clothes then the trip would've been perfect. But no complains here, getting this 5-day vacation is perfection enough. :)

all set 
two of my fave persons in the world

Taipei at 3am

As always, we have no itinerary planned before hand, though for me the best trips are of those with spontaneous decisions. Memories created in between the "where to go and what to do next?" will always be priceless. ❤

does Taipei ever have sunny days? ☂

damp steps ☂
Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

changing of guards
BJ and I with Pier (the best tour guide)
ready to shop
at Ximending (the Myeongdong of Taipei lol)
if only I wasn't busy chewing the tapioca bubbles of the bubble tea

I was most excited about going to the zoo since the last time I went there it was already closed. Taipei Zoo is the largest zoo in asia that houses almost all kinds of animals. Too bad we didn't get to see each one, we were running out of time and we need to travel back to meet our friend/ tour guide.

pretty butterflies
a butterfly suddenly landed on BJ's jacket! 
I forgot what they're called, but I love their fur!

the cutest animal ever!
white rhinos!

pandas are so chill
What I love about Taipei is their murky weather. Lugging an umbrella all day might be a pain in the ass but at the very least it's breezy. And the reason why I love to travel is to visit other countries that has cold seasons. I mean seriously, why travel to a place that's hotter than where you're living? but that's just me ;)

shrimp fishing
too happy with the live shrimp

ready to cook

best ramen to date 
the exterior is faithfully traditional, while  the interior is modernized
teppanyaki taipei style

words are not enough.
kyu is that you? the hallyu airport way
taoyuan airport's highlight: the vertical garded

happy couple
hoard loot 
(photos taken from my iPhone and BJ's camera)


spontaneous saturdays

Best in late post. Better late than never, right? ;)

Visit Peacocks at SM Southmall

Peacocks- a retail brand from London offers updated trendy fashion that ranges from clothes, shoes, PJs, and accessories for men and women with incredibly low prices.

Last November 19, we we're invited to style their store mannequins for a week long display. We're not really stylists per se, but our love for fashion and own styles does justice. At least I think so. ☀

it's so fun dressing up mannequins
Hoarding possible outfits from the whole store is like a dream come true! It's like a big big closet full of clothes and I was overwhelmed (haha!).  It took me almost 2 hours to finally decide what I wanted my mannequin to wear. While childhood memories flashes back when I was yet playing dress up with my barbies, then I realized it's easier to dress them than life-size mannequins. -_-

at last.
with Peacock's brand manager, Ms. Rochelle Chun

Thanks again for having us! The experience was fun especially being with Z & Mark :)

Be sure to check out Peacocks when you're in the area!

Michael Antonio

You're definitely living in a nutshell if you haven't heard about Michael Antonio. Especially if you're a fashion enthusiast or just a shoe lover you have to have heard of the brand Michael Antonio. In my case, I'm both so imagine my excitement when my partner & I got tapped to design their new store in Trinoma. It's our first retail project that we will be handling from design phase to completion, and we can't wait to unveil it this December :)

Our proposed perspective:

Our first concept was a Manhattan style inspired apartment but after a couple of revisions (with the considerations of the quantity of shoes to be displayed, the limited space, and long term design) it was best to go linear but with a twist (ALWAYS).

I'm most excited about the ceiling and the center display boxes. The contractor is seriously having a headache with our multi-leveled ceiling- no level should be the same height! Hahahaha! 

I'll post completed project ASAP! We go live on December! Be sure to check it out!

Michael Antonio
Level M3 Trinoma, Quezon CIty


STATUS X 7 For All Mankind

So last Sept I was chosen to be one of the 'style influencers' for Status x 7 For All Mankind. Together with Fashion Designer Ziggy Savella, Fashion Blogger Dominique Tiu, Model Robbie Becroft, and the Perfect Pair Winners Alyssa Lapid and Justin Borja, we each showcased the brand's Fall 2012 collection.

our stylist Mara Reyes' "cheat" wall

makeup artist Angelique Dinglasan of Shu Uemura dolled me up perfectly :)

Z testing his lens

waiting for our turn. that's me camwhoring.
 And the released November issue (grabbed from Status facebook page):

Justin & Alyssa

Me & Ziggy

Robbie & Dominique

Produced by Dan Buenaventura
Videography by Aljan Lorenzo & Win Gonzales
Photography by Kai Huang
Art Direction by Patrick Jamora
Styling by Mara Reyes
Hair by Leslie Salalila and Ana Pena of Jing Monis Salon
Makeup by Angelique Dinglasan of Shu Uemura
Assisted by Kenneth Lim

Be sure to grab a copy of the November issue of STATUS Magazine with Kreayshawn on the cover! Super thanks to the STATUS and 7 FOR ALL MANKIND team! I had a blast at the shoot!