Seoul-mates (part 1)

I will be doing an installment on uploading our Seoul trip. There's just too many pictures, and I mean 30GB worth of many. If only I don't have work to care about I might be able to upload faster, hahaha!

A glimpse of Seoul as we've traipsed the beautiful city for 6 days (yes, 6 days is just not enough!). It has developed extremely since I visited 10 years ago and I can appreciate it more this time with more knowledge and independence. And yes, I have developed a tolerance love for spicy food since the last time I was here and now I can't stop eating kimchi.

our morning energizer

my roomies ;p
Myeongdong <3
the girls
i love the blur of this pic
subway editorial
fall is LOVE
N tower

Nichkhun <3 Victoria WGM padlock *squeeeee*
lovers padlock

with Ziggy Savella singing "S.E.O.U.L"
cute phone booths

All photos that have watermarks are mine, other photos (I've edited) belong to Bradley Chong. I haven't sifted to EVERY photo yet. I just randomly picked a few out of the Seoul folders, this WILL take some time. Until the next installment. :)

MEGA October 2010 Issue

OMG, it's been more than a month since I last updated my blog! October has been HECTIC! I've been busy with meetings, site visits, supplier wars, etc. that I'm burned out once I get home. On a lighter note, October's MEGA issue came out which featured me in their stylephile section. Check out the scanned version below:

A very very special thank to Angela Alarcon for the write-up

to BJ Pascual for the photos and to Eldzs Mejia for making possible

It was such an honor to be featured in MEGA!!!!

I honestly can't believe it when I got my copy of the issue! One word: KABOG! hahahahaha! I'm just speechless, the feature says it all.