subspace: a fangirl's haven

Since this isn't tumblr and i'm lazy to even steal pictures. here's the link to mark's blog entry about it. hahaha :)

quirky furniture + kpop inspired space = perfect haven for cheska nolasco. haha ^^

I'm not a coffee person, caffeine makes me palpitate like crazy. But this new coffee shop in ortigas makes me want to teach my system to gulp a cup everyday. And with the range of new concoctions of coffees, I'm sure every you don't even have to be a K-pop fan to appreciate the flavors :) 

Maybe it was because the weather that time we visited was perfect to sip on a cup of their hot purple potato latte, or maybe it's the fan-girl inside me that fell in love with the k-pop filled space (they were playing the Super Show 1 DVD on the projector screen *squee*), whatever it is, all I can say is that the owners (Wilmer Lopez & Thor Balanon, they are behind Space Encounters too) made this coffee shop truly a slice of Seoul in Manila 

speaking of, a few more hours til September 1, sigh, I dread the day where my fan girl life minimizes to just listening to songs and watching old videos of heechul. but that's another story.


sole adventure

if there's one thing i'd splurge on, there's no doubt i'd do it on shoes (and travel) but mostly shoes ^^ I rarely shop but once I do I hoard like crazy. Be it shoes, clothes, bags, whatever, I can't shop on a couple of pieces. Yeah it frustrates me and my credit card too.

I can't wait to get my hands on my new babies since I ordered them weeks ago! Sigh, to wait for almost a month is nerve racking, but for sure it's gonna be worth the wait ^^
jeffrey campbell's benched
Yeah, this looks uncomfortable, but reviews says otherwise. I'll know once I get mine, or else this will be money down the drain.
jeffrey cambell's night walk
jeffrey campbell's night walk (side view)
Okay, who started the heel-less shoes again? Was it Noritaka Tatehana or Antonio Beradi? Anyway, I believe the starting price for them designers- a whopping $6000. I'm not Lady Gaga or Victoria Beckham to spend that ridiculously. To have a pair or two in somewhat similar style (for a reasonable price) is more than enough for me.

I ordered them online from Solestruck, they ship for free worldwide if your order amounted above $199. Hopefully I get them this week 'so I can wear them to upcoming events this September!

XOs ❤


love at first sight

since I rarely post interior related stuffs, I wanna share how my heart skipped a thousand beats when I laid my eyes on this.
order here
this is definitely going in my vision board. oh I can't wait to get my own space, to put this in a corner with the city lights as the background, I wanna cry just imagining. ❤


4 in 1

oh em. Four months of blog hiatus (proves my life doesn't revolve in the web, lol). I try. But work is just packed 24/7, I'm beat by the time I get home. The last 4 months was wild though, let's see what I can share (will backtrack some photos).

April to May was vague...

June started with lots of travel abroad:

HK with the family

 The weather was hot, but that's not gonna stop us from shopping ;) Too bad for our dad he has 5 daughters, that's the quickest way to an empty pocket. lol!

We ferried to Macau and stayed overnight at the Venetian where our uncle & aunt is staying.

the first Cirque I watched, I was mind-blown

all photos from HK & Macau trip are by Nikki Nolasco
Then I turned a year wiser *wink*
photo cr: Ziggy Savella
After my birthday weekend I flew to Singapore with one of my best friends, Jam ❤ It would've been more fun if all my girls were together, schedule conflicts will ruin our friendship. haha! I kid :) It was my first time (I'm not really a big fan of humid countries) but the trip was fun & made us realize our goals in life (quarter life crisis is a b*tch).

photo cr: Jam Chan
When I cam back from my trips, pile of work was already overdue, needless to say I ended June and started July with (what else) work and stress- tons of it.

dinner with my lovely ladies
at our cousin's 7th birthday
Tof's surprise birthday (aka one of Btribe's "hang outs")
I flew to Hong Kong again mid July with my partner to buy doorknobs, drawer handles, wallpapers and accessories for the client's condominium unit. We stayed at the Mira Hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui, I must say the hotel is beautiful. And I will never forget the scent of their lobby, you can smell their signature scent 3m away from the entrance door! oh love ❤

This is getting long, must make a new entry for other stuffs. 'til then ❤