subspace: a fangirl's haven

Since this isn't tumblr and i'm lazy to even steal pictures. here's the link to mark's blog entry about it. hahaha :)

quirky furniture + kpop inspired space = perfect haven for cheska nolasco. haha ^^

I'm not a coffee person, caffeine makes me palpitate like crazy. But this new coffee shop in ortigas makes me want to teach my system to gulp a cup everyday. And with the range of new concoctions of coffees, I'm sure every you don't even have to be a K-pop fan to appreciate the flavors :) 

Maybe it was because the weather that time we visited was perfect to sip on a cup of their hot purple potato latte, or maybe it's the fan-girl inside me that fell in love with the k-pop filled space (they were playing the Super Show 1 DVD on the projector screen *squee*), whatever it is, all I can say is that the owners (Wilmer Lopez & Thor Balanon, they are behind Space Encounters too) made this coffee shop truly a slice of Seoul in Manila 

speaking of, a few more hours til September 1, sigh, I dread the day where my fan girl life minimizes to just listening to songs and watching old videos of heechul. but that's another story.

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