what dreams are made of

it's one of those days that I'm pumped up with energy *fistpump* there's something in the works that I'm excited to share with to everyone around me, but unfortunately I can't yet.

It's something I've dreamed about for so long and we're beyond ecstatic to be starting on it soon. *squeee*

ugh, it's really frustrating when I'm THIS inspired and I can't talk about it freely. It's driving me NUTS. if it's not that obvious yet. ^^

just cause i'm in the mood

I'm framing this up first thing ❤

make it happen.


Outdoor Dreams

I was still in Seoul when I got a message from Heima asking if they can get me as a model for their new collection, I of course was surprised that they even considered me. And an opportunity like this, you can only say 'YES!'. One, it's Heima. Two, hello, it's Heima. hahaha!

I was hesitant at first when I found out they're shooting it with a film camera, the first thought that came into my mind was "no photoshop, patay." Good thing Eldzs was there to lead me with poses! And my countless photo practices with BJ perfected my angles.

I'm not the most confident girl in the book, so the whole time I was shooting I kept on worrying about what the outcome would look like. I have to give a lot of credit to my photographer that day, she knows her craft very very well and the photos were lovely. :)

So here are some behind the scenes photos:

i love the chair print

relax your mouth muscles hahaha!

the sun was piercing through my back

the instax' that Aleyn took for test shots
the chair is divine

I love the photos they chose for their online catalogue! I can't wait to get my copy of the instax's too!
See how it's made with love? ❤

*photos (unedited) are from my iPhone taken by Eldzs Mejia.

Check out the online catalogue here.

Online catalogue credits:
Photo by: Aleyn Comprendio
Styled by: Eldzs Mejia

Infinitely Yours, Seoul

whoever said Seoul is boring ought to kill themselves. Haha kiddin' :)) but seriously, I for one will never get tired of Seoul. And I'm not saying this because I love K-Pop, Seoul is one of the best cities I've ever been to and will always fall in love with every time I visit.

this time around our vacation lasted for 9 days (yes, 9 AWESOME days!!!!) And what do you in Seoul that long you ask? You have to believe it's still not enough and each day brings such amazement- I CAN'T EVEN.

our hostel's cute common area
Studio 41st
 visit their site to check the rooms and rates.

our first brunch upon arrival
which has a wall mug full of kpop star's signatures (I spot SUJU, SHinee, DBSK, After School, etc)
I want a bike like this one!

hefty brunch

it's just so cute!!!

i never say 'no' to sweets
If you know me well, you know how much I hate cats. Okay, maybe 'hate' is such a strong word, 'afraid' perhaps? I just don't get their purpose in life hahaha! But since Euns is a cat lover, cat cafes is a must visit! I still can't believe I survived that hour with over hundreds of cats vying for your attention. I still shudder at the thought of them jumping over your head.

one of the many cat cafes around Seoul


waffle ice cream is a must after a meal ^^

so are condoms for... well you know..
 Oh don't get me wrong, we just passed by this store while walking to one of the clubs in Hongdae.

bbopgi to keep me sugar high while shopping in Myeongdong

that thing they give you when you order, well in Seoul it's like a smaller iPhone that plays CFs, how first world is that?
kpop loot ^^ I'm loving EXO right now
One of my must buys in Seoul- kpop goods and make ups! You'll never believe how much I spent there buying from almost all their brands. I don't know why, maybe I'm just biased, but korean make-ups are good to my skin. I have sensitive skin and I get pimples from other brands, but not on korean ones. I must really be a korean on my past life. har har!

Pierrot, where K-stars go bowl. 
They don't allow people to take photos inside Pierrot (I assume because stars frequents that place) But I get to sneak our lane for the purpose of my blog. lol yeah right.

the timing to visit aA cafe was perfect since it was raining that day

vanilla latte

BJ taking photos (as usual)
i love PURPLE RICE so much! so so much!

at caffe benne

woori maknae

random street in Garosu-gil

they house all brands that we can only cry over, what is BROKE after only 5 days?

we got free tickets (worth KRW 55,00 each) to a non-verbal musical
It was my first time to watch a musical in Seoul, I must say you need to at least watch one when visting! The BBOY musical is overflowing with energy that you can't help but wonder why you didn't know about it on the first place. watch out for: eye candy performers hahaha ^_~

guess who got pulled up the stage to participate

you can't resist MCM- you just can't.
And whatever happend in that store I can only laugh at the thought. We allotted one day to visit the MCM flagship store in Apgujeong for our (as Euns will say it) 'small leather goods' fix. Oh but wait, we never thought we'd bumped into a K-Pop star inside the store! We we're busy browsing over the stuffs when we spotted Gikwang from B2ST with hand full of paper bags just like above hurriedly walking out of the store. Okay, I have to admit I don't know him, I'm not really a B2TY so I wasn't really paying attention when they were on fan girl mode. But seeing their expressions upon realizing it was really him, it was really priceless hahaha! (GIVE NA)

how cute and metrosexual are korean guys? this is love ❤

that much talked about porridge resto, if only I can remember the name...

the best hot chocolate I've had since NYC
*me-mapost lang na selca. again, GIVE NIYO NA. hahaha!

our room was really cute until after 6 days of shopping
forgive our messy room, we can't help buying almost everything we laid our eyes on. We can't even walk properly in our room without tripping over one paper bag or stepping on a bag of chips (care of BJ, hahaha).

this is a candid shot. promise.
I got the cutest iPhone case!
The unnie that was selling this said the girl on the case looks like me so I bought it. Nagpaloko nanaman ako hahaha! But I'm glad I did, it's my current favorite case and I haven't seen anyone who has like one here!

koreans love coffee don't they? they even have this cute mobile coffee stall in one of the side streets in Yeuido

the weather was perfect to go tandem biking

who would've thought this existed under one of their many bridges?

breath taking view of the Han Gang

it doesn't seem like it would end

staring at this photo reminded me of the feeling I had while I was taking this, no wonder locals love going here whenever they have problems, the cool breeze and endless view of the river makes you believe in infinite possibilities life has to offer (meganun?).

can you guess who?

hahaha! he's a real pro, yeah?

last one
theses photos can't really wrap up the awesomeness of 9 days. Can anyone remind me to bug BJ to upload or at least give us a copy of the entire trip? I promise street fashion awaits. ^_^

ah, photos are from my iPhone, I'm too lazy to put watermarks, steal away if you like. hahahaha!