Seoul-mates (part 1)

I will be doing an installment on uploading our Seoul trip. There's just too many pictures, and I mean 30GB worth of many. If only I don't have work to care about I might be able to upload faster, hahaha!

A glimpse of Seoul as we've traipsed the beautiful city for 6 days (yes, 6 days is just not enough!). It has developed extremely since I visited 10 years ago and I can appreciate it more this time with more knowledge and independence. And yes, I have developed a tolerance love for spicy food since the last time I was here and now I can't stop eating kimchi.

our morning energizer

my roomies ;p
Myeongdong <3
the girls
i love the blur of this pic
subway editorial
fall is LOVE
N tower

Nichkhun <3 Victoria WGM padlock *squeeeee*
lovers padlock

with Ziggy Savella singing "S.E.O.U.L"
cute phone booths

All photos that have watermarks are mine, other photos (I've edited) belong to Bradley Chong. I haven't sifted to EVERY photo yet. I just randomly picked a few out of the Seoul folders, this WILL take some time. Until the next installment. :)

MEGA October 2010 Issue

OMG, it's been more than a month since I last updated my blog! October has been HECTIC! I've been busy with meetings, site visits, supplier wars, etc. that I'm burned out once I get home. On a lighter note, October's MEGA issue came out which featured me in their stylephile section. Check out the scanned version below:

A very very special thank to Angela Alarcon for the write-up

to BJ Pascual for the photos and to Eldzs Mejia for making possible

It was such an honor to be featured in MEGA!!!!

I honestly can't believe it when I got my copy of the issue! One word: KABOG! hahahahaha! I'm just speechless, the feature says it all.


warm relations

This was a project I did last year but I only got to take pictures for my portfolio a month ago. I'm not the best photographer I know, I tried, I even borrowed wide lens to aid my impossible attempts. Next time I shall hire a professional (of course if budget permits) but for now this is the best I can come up with.

An almost 10 years old house screaming for renovation, I gladly took the project. The client wanted everything from scratch even the furniture and I was happy that I can start from a blank canvas. They asked for modern (read Bo Concept) design with clean lines, very minimal, and easy maintenance so my brain instinctively headed to that direction.

Originally my design was neutral tones with grey as the main color then white and black accents (Yes, that's my "signature" color scheme. LOL) but I should have known the Chinese taboos with the color black and the design turned a 180. We maintained the minimal, clean lines, but changed the color scheme to browns and here's the completed project:

living area

designer wall clock from Rustan's home
 I literally screamed in excitement when I saw this wall clock and told my client she NEEDS this piece in their living room. Fortunately, she agreed when she saw it too and bought it as it was the last one. (they only had 2 of this and the other was sold already) It can be hanged vertically or horizontally.

silver coral bowl from Abundance, Rustan's
kitchen & dining
The refrigerator, unfortunately, was the only thing the client wanted to keep and it was supposed to be in the kitchen but they wanted it to be near the dining table (form of habit I guess). I can't move it when I was shooting for my portfolio haha! The kitchen overlooks a small garden with skylight above and beside the dining area.
bubble drop light from Alton Lights

Personally, this look isn't my forte. I'm more of the eclectic kind- details and patterns and distinctive finds. Nonetheless, this project was a challenge and a fulfilled outcome.

Net-A-Porter sure knows how to make a girl cry

I was browsing my iPad today and I almost forgot I have a copy of Net-A-Porter magazine version for iPad, and as I opened the pages I instantly remembered why I forgot about it in the first place. The temptation of its content is too painful to look at. There's too much stuff I like but can only drool over for now. Here are some I print screened, I'm sure you'd feel the same.
If I can own ALL of these (and more) I'd be the happiest girl in the world!
Louboutin & Valentino never fails me. Balmain is full of surprises. Chloe is always fun. And Givenchy, (sigh) I really believe we've met before haha!

I personally like the Donna Karan cuff and Aurelie Bidermann lace cuff
closer look at the Donna Karan cuff

Seriously what kind of girl wouldn't want these arm candies?

Sooo, can you blame me?


I dream of 4 seasons

view of the City skyline (taken over a year ago)

And by that I only have one place in mind: New York.

I badly miss the City! I miss the people, places, food, fashion, and weather. I really detest the weather here in Manila, it's supposed to be chilly already considering it's September but I still find myself dripping in sweat even after a shower (that's only expected in summer right?). It's frustrating for someone who loves the cold to be living in such a hot country.

I can't wait for our Korea trip next month, with temperature dropping to 6 degrees it's the perfect time for layers, coats, and BOOTS! I can't even begin how much I'm madly in love with boots, let's save that for another entry. Anyways, I'm psyched to be going to back to Seoul twice this year, in October with friends and December with the family. I miss Korea (I'm really kinda bias with 4 seasonal countries haha) I'm excited to see how it has been developed since we went there 10 years ago. Fur, leather, suedes- it's time to take you out of the closet! Oh! I still haven't bought a puffer vest, guess I've to buy that one when I get to Seoul.

And now back to dreaming, I WILL move to a place with 4 seasons one day. 'til that day I've to deal with the Manila heat.