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This was a project I did last year but I only got to take pictures for my portfolio a month ago. I'm not the best photographer I know, I tried, I even borrowed wide lens to aid my impossible attempts. Next time I shall hire a professional (of course if budget permits) but for now this is the best I can come up with.

An almost 10 years old house screaming for renovation, I gladly took the project. The client wanted everything from scratch even the furniture and I was happy that I can start from a blank canvas. They asked for modern (read Bo Concept) design with clean lines, very minimal, and easy maintenance so my brain instinctively headed to that direction.

Originally my design was neutral tones with grey as the main color then white and black accents (Yes, that's my "signature" color scheme. LOL) but I should have known the Chinese taboos with the color black and the design turned a 180. We maintained the minimal, clean lines, but changed the color scheme to browns and here's the completed project:

living area

designer wall clock from Rustan's home
 I literally screamed in excitement when I saw this wall clock and told my client she NEEDS this piece in their living room. Fortunately, she agreed when she saw it too and bought it as it was the last one. (they only had 2 of this and the other was sold already) It can be hanged vertically or horizontally.

silver coral bowl from Abundance, Rustan's
kitchen & dining
The refrigerator, unfortunately, was the only thing the client wanted to keep and it was supposed to be in the kitchen but they wanted it to be near the dining table (form of habit I guess). I can't move it when I was shooting for my portfolio haha! The kitchen overlooks a small garden with skylight above and beside the dining area.
bubble drop light from Alton Lights

Personally, this look isn't my forte. I'm more of the eclectic kind- details and patterns and distinctive finds. Nonetheless, this project was a challenge and a fulfilled outcome.

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