I dream of 4 seasons

view of the City skyline (taken over a year ago)

And by that I only have one place in mind: New York.

I badly miss the City! I miss the people, places, food, fashion, and weather. I really detest the weather here in Manila, it's supposed to be chilly already considering it's September but I still find myself dripping in sweat even after a shower (that's only expected in summer right?). It's frustrating for someone who loves the cold to be living in such a hot country.

I can't wait for our Korea trip next month, with temperature dropping to 6 degrees it's the perfect time for layers, coats, and BOOTS! I can't even begin how much I'm madly in love with boots, let's save that for another entry. Anyways, I'm psyched to be going to back to Seoul twice this year, in October with friends and December with the family. I miss Korea (I'm really kinda bias with 4 seasonal countries haha) I'm excited to see how it has been developed since we went there 10 years ago. Fur, leather, suedes- it's time to take you out of the closet! Oh! I still haven't bought a puffer vest, guess I've to buy that one when I get to Seoul.

And now back to dreaming, I WILL move to a place with 4 seasons one day. 'til that day I've to deal with the Manila heat.

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