Net-A-Porter sure knows how to make a girl cry

I was browsing my iPad today and I almost forgot I have a copy of Net-A-Porter magazine version for iPad, and as I opened the pages I instantly remembered why I forgot about it in the first place. The temptation of its content is too painful to look at. There's too much stuff I like but can only drool over for now. Here are some I print screened, I'm sure you'd feel the same.
If I can own ALL of these (and more) I'd be the happiest girl in the world!
Louboutin & Valentino never fails me. Balmain is full of surprises. Chloe is always fun. And Givenchy, (sigh) I really believe we've met before haha!

I personally like the Donna Karan cuff and Aurelie Bidermann lace cuff
closer look at the Donna Karan cuff

Seriously what kind of girl wouldn't want these arm candies?

Sooo, can you blame me?

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