The Young & the Restless (Garage Magazine Feb-Mar'11)

If you still don't have a copy of Garage Magazine Feb-Mar '11 issue, please grab one now.
with Ivan Dorschner, Steven Silva, AJ Perez, & Enrique Gil on the cover
The Young & the Restless for 2011
(I personally don't know the others that's featured) Here's a glimpse of the two to watch out for this 2011.
BJ Pascual
He may be young, but that's not gonna stop this most sought after fashion photographer anytime soon. Month after month his works are seen on every pages of glossy magazines, you're sure living in another dimension if you haven't heard about BJ PASCUAL. Yes, he's restless and above anything, he's just warming up.
Pauline Prieto
This girl is making waves since 2010, I wouldn't be surprised if she makes it big this 2011. She's tagged as one of the 'IT' girls of the new generation but what I love most about this girl is she stays on the ground, not a hint of arrogance, like her fame haven't caught up with her yet :D

And yours truly,
I don't know why I'm here, but I'm MORE than flattered to be picked & featured to be lined with them. (*humble humble*) But I'm ready to conquer 2011, ever since the year started I've been determined to turn this year MY year, nothing can stop me. All I can say is, "bring it on!"

Photographed by: Cyrus Panganiban
Special thanks to the Garage team: Rey Ilagan, Adrianne Conception, & Edlene Cabral :)


ingenious boredom

 this is sooooooooooooooo adorable!!!!

My Milk Toof

I have to say, Lardee became my instant favorite! Not because it's pudgy, but it's clever in it's own ways, I just can't stop reading about it!!! :) I wonder where I can get a copy... guess I have to wait until I fly back to New York.

It's so inspiring to read about other people's success from following what they love doing the most and getting recognized from it. More power to the author! :)


Seoul-mates (part 2)

Oh, I'm not gonna post more Seoul photos, I can't bring myself to filter through it without missing the cold weather once again. But the first part is more than enough anyways :)

Our video perhaps?

Credit: Ziggy Savella
Video by Rey Ilagan (effort!!!!) :)

And can I just share the MV that's currently on my repeat?
Tonight - Big Bang

(I'm not gonna start spazzing on GD.. he's HOT, end of story)

And yes, I changed my background to a simple white, I seriously get sleepy with the black + grey + deep purple theme.

Delicate Affairs

I have to say this is one of the most challenging project I have gotten. It was exciting and nerve-racking at the same time, my client and I have gone through a lot of bumps throughout the whole project, nonetheless it turned out the way we wanted it (well 90% of it). It was my first nail spa project and after hours of conceptualizing with the client, we knew this has to happen.

Imagine a nest where the interiors that surround you are as delicate and fine as you are, a sanctuary to get lost for an hour or so and get pampered amidst your busiest days.

(again, I suck at photography, this is the best I can produce, haha)

trompe l'oeil wall was made by young artist fresh from UP Soleil Ignacio and Kris Abrigo

"Step into Fingernails for an extraordinary experience in nail care and transport yourself to a fantastic wonderland of personal care"- Fingernails Nail Salon
the chain divider for the salon area
They hosts spa parties for that much needed all-girl bonding nights :)

For lists of services, please follow the link below:

Fingernails Nail Salon
Unit 6 G/F Grand Soho Makati
H.V. Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village,
Makati City