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if there's one thing i'd splurge on, there's no doubt i'd do it on shoes (and travel) but mostly shoes ^^ I rarely shop but once I do I hoard like crazy. Be it shoes, clothes, bags, whatever, I can't shop on a couple of pieces. Yeah it frustrates me and my credit card too.

I can't wait to get my hands on my new babies since I ordered them weeks ago! Sigh, to wait for almost a month is nerve racking, but for sure it's gonna be worth the wait ^^
jeffrey campbell's benched
Yeah, this looks uncomfortable, but reviews says otherwise. I'll know once I get mine, or else this will be money down the drain.
jeffrey cambell's night walk
jeffrey campbell's night walk (side view)
Okay, who started the heel-less shoes again? Was it Noritaka Tatehana or Antonio Beradi? Anyway, I believe the starting price for them designers- a whopping $6000. I'm not Lady Gaga or Victoria Beckham to spend that ridiculously. To have a pair or two in somewhat similar style (for a reasonable price) is more than enough for me.

I ordered them online from Solestruck, they ship for free worldwide if your order amounted above $199. Hopefully I get them this week 'so I can wear them to upcoming events this September!

XOs ❤

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