Michael Antonio

You're definitely living in a nutshell if you haven't heard about Michael Antonio. Especially if you're a fashion enthusiast or just a shoe lover you have to have heard of the brand Michael Antonio. In my case, I'm both so imagine my excitement when my partner & I got tapped to design their new store in Trinoma. It's our first retail project that we will be handling from design phase to completion, and we can't wait to unveil it this December :)

Our proposed perspective:

Our first concept was a Manhattan style inspired apartment but after a couple of revisions (with the considerations of the quantity of shoes to be displayed, the limited space, and long term design) it was best to go linear but with a twist (ALWAYS).

I'm most excited about the ceiling and the center display boxes. The contractor is seriously having a headache with our multi-leveled ceiling- no level should be the same height! Hahahaha! 

I'll post completed project ASAP! We go live on December! Be sure to check it out!

Michael Antonio
Level M3 Trinoma, Quezon CIty

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