Hair Story: REVLON

I want to change the color of my hair to blonde since the beginning of this year but God knows I'll never hear the end of it from my grandparents. I always ask my "stylist" to dye it lighter every time I visit the salon but of course bleached blonde is still different from the lightest brown. My trip to Hong Kong last June, I found a blonde dye and decided to give it a try (it's still not blonde but the outcome is perfect). I've been using it ever since. ❤

Last saturday I got free treatment from Revlon Professional PH (yay!). I feel bad to only get color treatment cause I just had my hair colored the day before, boo. I should've gotten highlights.

So I opted for scalp treatment instead of a haircut, I'm growing my hair 'cause holidays are around the corner already.☃ Anyway, the stylist recommended color treatment to make my hair color lighter and shinier (and I'm sold once I heard "lighter")  since he said my scalp has no problem. 

I'm not even kidding how soft my hair got after they were done with me and not to mention lighter! I rarely go to salons unless I need to retouch my roots but now I think I'll visit more often. :) I love love love my soft and even lighter hair now! (And I need to get highlights before the year end).

Leave it to me to always forget to bring cameras every event. ☠

Big big big thanks again to Revlon! ❤

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